March the Hare dreams of becoming the world's greatest race car driver. Climbing to the top is going to prove another matter, especially with reigning World Champion Lyca Fox ready to do anything to protect her title. With his mechanic and best friend Hammond the Pig and his family at his side, March is going to go all-out to win!

Released in 2015, MARCH GRAND PRIX is a series of three 48-page books: The Race at Harewood, The Baker's Run, and The Great Desert Rally. The trade edition, The Fast and The Furriest, collects all three of these stories into one handsome volume. A Starred Review from Publisher's Weekly says: "The stories are filled with puns and literary references... while Soo's clear-line illustrations keep the stories moving full throttle and reveal an evident automotive passion."

Purchase The Fast and the Furriest collection online, from Amazon or Indigo.

Read an excerpt from MARCH GRAND PRIX: The Race at Harewood here!


Created for the MARCH GRAND PRIX book launch, these papercrafts of March and Lyca's cars are now available for download! I've provided the the colour versions of their cars, but also blank templates for you to colour in or customize your own cars!

March Hare's GT-R Superturbo (colour)
Lyca Fox's Vostok Seven (colour)
March Hare's GT-R Superturbo (black and white)
Lyca Fox's Vostok Seven (black and white)
Blank car template