Portia Bennett has moved to a new town and a new school. Friends are hard to come by. One night, she finds a monster in her back yard. She feeds him a tuna fish sandwich, and nothing is the same ever again.

Jellaby: The Lost Monster and Jellaby: Monster in the City were my first two graphic novels. Published in 2008 and 2009 by Disney-Hyperion Books, Jellaby started life as a webcomic, alongside Hope Larson's Salamander Dream on our joint website, The Secret Friend Society. Jellaby would go on to be nominated for an Eisner Award, and won a Shuster Award in 2009 for Best Kids Comic. And yes, it's even been read by the First Lady of the United States. The new reprint editions (featuring new sketchbook material and forewords by Kazu Kibuishi and Raina Telgemeier) are published by Capstone Books.

Collected here are the first two chapters of JELLABY that were serialized online, all of the short stories that originally ran on the Secret Friend Society website, and various other silly things I've done over the years.

JELLABY (preview)

Chapter One
Chapter Two

JELLABY web stories

Happy Holidays!
The Birthday Card
Banana Bread
The Clothespin
The Knot
Dog Show

JELLABY stories in other publications

The Tea Party - FLIGHT Volume Three :: read an excerpt
First Snow - FLIGHT Explorer Volume 1
Lost - FLIGHT Volume Five :: read an excerpt
Hide and Seek - FLIGHT Volume Six :: read an excerpt
Guardian Angel - FLIGHT Volume Seven :: read an excerpt
Who Needs Friends? - FLIGHT Volume Eight :: read an excerpt

The JELLABY Homage Series

This started out as a fun little idea, recreating some of my favourite (and influential) pop culture images with the Jellaby cast, but I think I got a little carried away -- I was just having too much fun!

My Neighbour Jellaby
Jellaby at 78 RPM
Dr. Jellaby
Monster Wars
Purple Eggs and Ham
Portia Kutter
Leave it to Portia
Out From Jellabyville
The Dark Monster Returns
Jellaby No More!

JELLABY gallery

Some early sketches and art that I've drawn of Jellaby and his friends over the years. Check it out here.

JELLABY fan art!

I've been incredibly lucky to receive so much Jellaby art from fans and friends over the years, it's only fair that I share some of them with you! Coming Soon!