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The reclusive curator of this website makes a rare public appearance.
Little is known of the reclusive 24 year old behind the creation of the comics found scattered throughout this site. He has been rumoured to have been born in Great Britain to parents of Malaysian descent, and was believed to have been raised by a pack of wolves in the surrounding areas of Hong Kong.

The artist was then spotted a decade later with a group of chimpanzees in a Canadian art gallery, where they were found to be studying the work of impressionist painter Claude Monet and picking lice off of one another. Last reports placed him in the Toronto area, drinking out of a paper bag and screaming at anyone talking on a cell phone.

There are several concrete facts that have been well documented about the artist: He holds a degree in electrical engineering and is currently unemployed (interested parties in acquiring his services have been known to receive prompt replies from the artist). He is a known music slut, and dabbles in photography. He is also a compulsive liar.

Watch this space for further developments as they occur.