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December 31: New year's eve in suburbia hell.


January 2: Sloshed.
January 4: It's depressing just thinking about it.
January 5: It was really cold that night too.
January 6: Grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a Bad Idea.
January 7: We crush them every year in the playoffs anyway.
January 8: You should've seen the plate.
January 9: 57% satisfaction.
January 10: I go for the learnification.
January 11: I can feel my arteries hardening already.
January 12: Ink everywhere.
January 13: Memories of ice.
January 14: Screw the audience.
January 15: I think I weigh a little more than 30 pounds.
January 16: Soleless.
January 17: A night out at Alfie's (part 1): Kean vs. solitude.
January 18: A night out at Alfie's (part 2): Holly vs. Jagermeister.
January 19: The ribs managed to find a good home later in the day.
January 20: A waking dream.
January 21: Insomnia strikes.
January 22: So damn proud.
January 23: She just could not stop talking.
January 24: Must... draw... faster...!
January 25: Stealing secret glances.
January 26: So very sorry, angry, and drunk.
January 27: I'm doing this for future generations.
January 28: Someone's always laughing at me.
January 29: Regret always brings about vague nostalgia.
January 30: Sometimes I love being unemployed.
January 31: My head's in the clouds again.

February 1: I didn't dare ask her why she didn't just change the CD.
February 2: Falling daystars.
February 3: It probably wasn't a good idea to walk across the lake on my own.
February 4: Drowning in a sea of alcohol.
February 5: It really is a damn good read.
February 6: And I don't mean the crap from Columbia House, either.
February 7: Mount Pastasauccio.
February 8: Dear Prudence...
February 9: Wanting you here.
February 10: It's not completely outside the realm of possibility.
February 11: Kean's Road Trip (part 1): Meng's Birthday.
February 12: Kean's Road Trip (part 2): Leaving Las Ottawa.
February 13: Kean's Road Trip (part 3): Devil's Broom.
February 14: Kean's Road Trip (part 4): Girlfriends.
February 15: Kean's Road Trip (part 5): Anticlimax.
February 16: Someone, save me from myself.
February 17: Tonight, on Cops...
February 18: Speaking blanks.
February 19: I really should start listening to that little voice in my head.
February 20: Dreaming in blue.
February 21: 60 dollar banana bread.
February 22: Productivity.
February 23: This is the reason why I don't watch TV anymore.
February 24: Lunch with a view.
February 25: Waiting for spring thaw.
February 26: I'm sure he'll kick my ass for this.
February 27: Today was another one of those days.
February 28: The Fantastical Story of Kean and Mr. Depression.

March 1: Fashion trendsetter.
March 2: Sleeping habits.
March 3: Online Scrabble suqs.
March 4: Dickens, concussions, and bubble tea.
March 5: Stretched thin.
March 6: Art appreciation.
March 7: It was a rough night.
March 8: Ben's idea of 15 minutes...
March 9: How to enjoy your Sunday morning.
March 10: Maybe Not.
March 11: A gutless bastard.
March 12: Too busy to stress out.
March 13: Stress release.
March 14: Telephone interviews are great.
March 15: How to enjoy your grapes.
March 16: Swim.
March 17: A wild and crazy St. Patty's Day.
March 18: The scent of spring.
March 19: High society.
March 20: Freedom and liberty for all.
March 21: I told her so.
March 22: Caged.
March 23: It's all about the milk and honey.
March 24: Sometimes people give me funny looks on the street.
March 25: I've stolen a few cherries in my day.
March 26: My body is trying to tell me something.
March 28: Luckily, she ended up buying a copy of my comic.
March 29: TCAF highlights.
March 31: Anatomy of the artist.

April 1: April Fool's!
April 2: Devil in the Kitchen.
April 3: Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on all of us.
April 4: I'm a cheap date.
April 5: I want to steal their brains.
April 6: Heap upon me all your pain.
April 7: More importantly, I kept the ribs from falling on the floor.
April 8: Ghost in the machine.
April 9: Seriously, if it wasn't for hockey, I wouldn't watch TV at all.
April 12: Psychoanalysis.
April 13 & 14: Searing hip pain!
April 15: I think this comic was more of an excuse to draw some women.
April 16: Aphrodesiacs.
April 17: Belated wishing.
April 18: Special guest appearances!
April 19: Problems.
April 21: Quiet hesitation.
April 26: Do relaxing moves actually exist?
April 27: I think it was the baked beans and macaroni salad that did me in.
April 28: What can I say? I loves me music.
April 29: Alexander Keith's, Stella Artois, Monte Cristo, Tango, and Bubba's.

May 1: I couldn't remember where I had packed my brushes.
May 2: I blame it on Dark Cloud 2 for being so damn addictive.
May 3: Free Comic Book Day.
May 4: My dad still thinks microwave ovens will eventually fry your brains.
May 5: It's so painfully slow.
May 6: Leechery.
May 10: That was almost all the people I know in Toronto.
May 14: A lot of geeks were out for Midnight Matrix Madness.
May 19: Artistic masturbation.
May 20: Liquid Courage.
May 21: Return of the insomnia.
May 22: Time to face the facts.
May 23: There's no one left to talk to.
May 24: Thrown askew.
May 25: And I finally managed to get some sleep tonight.
May 26: Black and blue.
May 27: Obtuse apologies.
May 29: Surprised.
May 30: Blown away and blown off.
May 31: Philosophical grudge match.

June 1: Ye olde high school posse.
June 2: A vague dance.
June 3: I worry that she enjoyed herself a little too much at the Krispy Kreme.
June 5: Confessions of a music slut.
June 7: A small misunderstanding.
June 8: When it rains, it pours.
June 9: Contradiction.
June 10: It's really quite an ugly piece of paper.
June 11: I gave up checking after the third hour.
June 19: If I had tiny little munchkin hands, the work would've gone a lot faster.
June 20: The Ottawa Ribfest, Beerfest, and the "Core Team."
June 21: I am really out of shape -- 20 minutes and I was ready to puke.
June 22: Ladies and gentlemen, my brother.
June 23: Me and my big mouth.
June 24: I didn't get a very good look at the woman, I'm afraid.
June 25: I've been accused of many things, but this was a first.
June 28: Of seagulls and volleyball.
June 29: Post-volleyball blues.
June 30: It might make for an interesting sitcom idea, though.

July 1: Red, white, and sober.
July 2: Lost at sea.
July 3: Liar.
July 4: Blankets.
July 5: I drew two strips for today, because nothing happened on Sunday.
July 5: Thinking of the audience.
July 7: Actually, all the skin that's flaking off is pretty gross.
July 9: Frumpily crestfallen.
July 11: They still owe me money, but what the hell.
July 12: I've never seen CR or Oliver that drunk before.
July 13: Oliver's apartment, 6:50 AM.
July 15: Through the darkness.
July 16: Hi, it's me.
July 17: He's lost control.
July 18: Compromise.
July 19: 24-hour beer goggles.
July 22: Bright End of Nowhere.
July 30: It's only rock 'n roll (but I like it).
July 31: I still don't believe in ghosts.

August 2: Lost.
August 4: He could've at least bought me dinner first.
August 9: Drew's going to Hollywood!
August 10: What about the cute girls?
August 11: Alcoholic maniac.
August 21: Waiting room.
August 22: Anywhere but here.
August 23: Slipping away.
August 26: Melodrama Theatre #1, starring Kean and GTI 16V.

September 1: A Conversation Piece.
September 2: Moo Cow Express.
September 11: Cloudless.
September 12: There are days.
September 13: Like a headless chicken.
September 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day.
September 20: Strange Hours.
September 23: Douglas Coupland, Rock Star.
September 27: Missing everything.
September 28: He wants me to call him?
September 29: Cover letter.

-- Melodrama Theatre guest fortnight begins --
October 13: Melodrama Theatre #2, guest comic by Kazu Kibuishi.
October 14: Melodrama Theatre #3, guest comic by David Twomey.
October 15: Melodrama Theatre #4, guest comic by Mekka.
October 16: Melodrama Theatre #5, guest comic by Jason Turner.
October 17: Melodrama Theatre #6, guest comic by Elaine Hornby.
October 18: Melodrama Theatre #7, guest comic by Kelli Nelson.
October 19: Melodrama Theatre #8, guest comic by Edward J Grug III.
October 20: Melodrama Theatre #9, guest comic by Phil Craven.
October 21: Melodrama Theatre #10, guest comic by Brian Fukushima.
October 22: Melodrama Theatre #11, guest comic by Chris Bishop.
October 23: Melodrama Theatre #12, guest comic by Doug Holgate.
October 24: Melodrama Theatre #13, guest comic by Dan Hernandez.
October 25: Melodrama Theatre #14, guest comic by Joel Carroll.
October 26: Melodrama Theatre #15, guest comic by Dean Trippe.
October 26: Melodrama Theatre #16, guest comic by Kenn Minter.
October 27: Melodrama Theatre #17, guest comic by Kate Guay.
-- Melodrama Theatre guest fortnight ends --

October 3: Last train to Kingston.
October 5: Throwing caution into the wind.
October 8: New York, New York.
October 22: Waltz #2 (XO).
October 23: Bruised.
October 24: Sadness and beauty.
October 26: Twitch city.
October 27: The quotable Oliver.
October 28: Drinking with Satan.

November 1: Seriously, I'm not as crazy as this makes me look.
November 2: Apparently, this also happens in bad comic strips.
November 3: Kean Soo: sellout.
November 4: The kindness of strangers.
November 6: I'm very rarely right.
November 7: I just don't know how to say it.
November 9: ...or so I keep telling myself.
November 10: In my dream.
November 11: A real sad bastard.
November 13: It's only 'cause we're happy for the guy.
November 29: Burning clarity.

December 4: Telephone cords.
December 7: Braaaaaaaaaains.
December 10: Paper doves.
December 23: This explains quite a bit, actually.
December 31: A year in review.


January 1: No complaints so far.
January 3: Drawn out.
January 4: Keanbob Spongepants.
January 6: A simple dream.
January 10: bottle up and explode!
January 22: Weird is my default setting.

February 1: Sweet, sweet sleep.
February 2: However, the rare glimpses of the city below were spectacular.
February 3: A quiet birthday.
February 4: Epiphany.
February 7: Happy.
February 16: Utter shit.
February 18: Finding a voice.
February 19: It's not enough.
February 24: Solar powered.
February 25: At this point, I wouldn't mind one or the other.
February 28: Almost enough.

March 1: Home and Guardian.
March 2: So damn anal.
March 5: Size Too Small.
March 23: I'm more of an indoors kind of zombie, I think.
March 24: That was probably the highlight of my day.
March 27: Ben's birthday mayonnaise and gravel.
March 31: The rear wheels were lifted right off the ground. I was impressed.

April 4: Nothing interesting happened today, so I drew this instead.
April 5: Come As You Are.
April 8: The Leafs lost tonight, but you can't have everything, I suppose.
April 9: Pussy galore.
April 10: Oliver is a lot funnier when he's taken out of context.
April 11: A new brush and a milestone of sorts.
April 13: The Amazing Story of Kean and Mr. Depression.
April 16: Keep on reaching for that rainbow!

May 20: Exit Music, and I come out of hiding.

June 3: Go forth, true believers!

July 15: Taking flight.

August 31: The worst- titled con in history.

September 21: One With The Freaks.

October 6: SPX insanity.
October 9: Exit Music 2.

January 17: Kean (age 8) goes to the post office.